Pokémon Reunion
by Leto

It is 20 years since we saw the characters of Pokemon having their adventures.

Ash smiled as he held open the door for his wife, whose face cannot be seen.

Wife: Thanks, Ash. Wow, I can't believe we're going to be meeting the old gang again.
Ash: I know. I can't wait to find out what became of everyone.

They enter a room full of people. All the people are familiar, although some less recognisable than others. Ash's eyes widen in a kind of horror as he sees one of the Officer Jennys with a nose ring and some kind of mohawk.

Ash: Hey Jenny, having a mid-life crisis?
Jenny: Not mid-life Ash, my life is, like, just beginning, baby.
Ash: You're scary.

Ash and his wife walk past Koga in a wheelchair and a balding Lt Surge (now not quite so intimidating) until they see two more recognisable figures.

Ash: Jessie, James! Nice to see you again!
Jessie (suspicious): It is?
Ash: Oh yeah, we were enemies, weren't we. I forgot.
Jessie: Prepare for trouble!
James: Make it double!
Jessie: Ahh, that brings back memories.
James: To unite all peoples within our nation!
Ash: You two are still together, I see.
Jessie: Yes, we got married.
James: To extend our reach to the stars above!
Jessie: James...
James: James!
Jessie: Cut that out! We're not doing the speech!
James: Surrender now or prepare to fight!
Jessie: I'll prepare to fight if you don't shut up!!
James (sweatdrop): I couldn't stop until I'd finished the whole thing. Old traditions die hard.
Ash: Well, it's nice to see you haven't changed much... (I guess)... your hair still looks the same.
Jessie: Some things never go out of style!
Ash: And I see James is wearing a dress again. What is with that? I've just gotta ask.
Ash's wife: You know Ash, I don't think we really want to know.

Ash's wife nervously drags Ash away, with a sweatdrop, before James gets the chance to explain his... unusual habit.

Ash: Misty! Hey, Misty! Long time no see!

Misty turns, with a big smile on her face and teases Ash.

Misty: Hey, you still haven't paid me back for my bike, Mr Pokemon Master.
Ash: You'll never forget that, will you? On your death bed, your last words will be "give me back my bike"!
Misty: You wish I'd give you the consideration of having my final words!
Ash: Ahh, I know you, you'd -
Ash's wife: Would you two stop flirting?
Misty: I'm not flirting. I am a MARRIED WOMAN.
Ash: How long did that take, Miss Scrawny? I wouldn't have thought it'd happen in only 20 years!
Misty: That's MRS Scawny to you, Ash Ketchum.
Ash (proudly): Well, I'm married too. See, this is MY wife!
Ash's wife: Must you say that like I'm some sort of prize?
Misty: You learn to get used to Ash...
Ash's wife: Yes, I know... ^_^;;
Misty: But you look familiar.
Ash's wife: I am familiar, but my identity isn't supposed to be revealed until the end of the fanfic, so as to build up some suspense.

Jessie and James walk past the chatting trio.

James: Hi Duplica!

They walk on.

Ash's wife (sweatdrop): Well, so much for suspense.
Misty: If it's any consolation, I doubt the readers are finding it much of a thrilling revelation.
Duplica: It's the principle of the thing. It wasn't supposed to be revealed until the end of the fanfic. I guess the fic needs to end now.
Misty: But we haven't met everyone yet! I'd like you both to meet my husband.

She pulls forward a man with green hair.

AJ: Hello.
Ash: AJ! Great to see you... I haven't seen you since... boy, it must've been when I CREAMED your Sandslash! Hahahaha!
AJ: You shut up, you annoying little twerp.
Ash: Ohh, nice use of insults there. I bet I can do better.
AJ: You wish, boy! My Pokemon are naturally much better than yours, and I'd beat you if we fought again!
Ash: No, YOU wish!
Duplica: Ash, don't create a scene...
Misty: I'm getting deja vu here....
Duplica: And Ash is supposed to be 30 years old...
Misty: Ditto AJ...
Ditto: Ditto!
Duplica (sweatdrop): Not you, Ditto.
Ditto: To?

AJ turns away to mingle with some of the gym trainers. Ash, Misty and Duplica look for more friends.

Gary: Heyyy, loser!
Ash: Where? Oh, I see you.
Gary: Hey, shut up.
Ash: Nice to see you haven't matured.
Gary: You can talk. I saw you almost get into a fistfight with AJ about ten seconds ago.
Ash (with dignity): I am a responsible adult. I do not engage in fistfights.
Gary (doubled over with laughter): Responsible... heheh.... adult... oh, you're killing me Ash...
Ash: Speaking of killing....

Duplica and Misty get sweatdrops as Gary and Ash start fighting. Again.

Misty: So much for being too responsible to engage in fistfights.
Duplica: I think some things never change.... *over sound of Ash/Gary pounding the living snot out of each other* HEY YOU TWO! Cut it out for a sec!
Duplica (ever the diplomatic wife): So Gary, are YOU married yet?
Misty (thinking): Reaaaal diplomatic.
Gary: Of course I'm married! And my wife is MUCH better than Ash's, whoever she is.
Duplica (dangerously sweet tone): Hmmm, and may we meet this lovely wife of yours?

Gary reaches into the crowd, grabs an arm and pulls out a lady.

Gary: This is my wife!
Ash: I don't believe it...
Misty: Isn't she nearly 10 years older than you?
Gary (sweatdrop): Who cares. Isn't she a babe?
Ash: Gee, I dunno. Last time I saw her she was trying to turn me into a doll.
Misty: *shudder*
Sabrina: Yeah, I really am sorry about that. ^_^;;
Ash: What on EARTH made you marry GARY?
Misty: Hey, that rhymed.
Ash (muttering to self): Marry... Gary... Marry... Gary... hey, it did! ^_^
Sabrina: Uh... you know, I'm not sure I even remember.
Misty: You can't REMEMBER?
Duplica: Try harder.
Sabrina (thinking hard): You know, that's really odd. I really CAN'T remember what possessed me to marry him.
Gary (muttering): Don't think too hard... Exeggcutor's hypnosis is sure good for something...
Duplica (remembering Gary's earlier comment): Anyway, I think I am a much lovelier lady than Sabrina, don't you Ash?
Ash (preoccupied by Sabrina's... er, assets): I dunno Duplica, Sabrina's pretty cute and -
Duplica (smacking him hard over the head): DON'T YOU AGREE, ASH?!
Ash: Oh! Oh, yeah, of course! You beat her any day!
Gary: YOU'RE Ash's wife?
Duplica (winking): Duplica! That's right!
Gary: Excuse me....

Gary leaves, shoulders heaving with laughter. Duplica gets mad.

Duplica: Ditto, transform.
Ditto: Ditto!

Ditto turns into a large rock, which Duplica picks up and hurls after the Pokemon trainer. It beans Gary right on the head, knocking him unconscious.

Ash: Good shot.
Duplica: Comes with practise. ^_^
Ash: Well, it looks like everyone's done things with their lives... gotten married... it's weird to find out what's become of everyone.
Misty: Hey look, there's Brock!
Ash: Hey, Brocko!
Misty: Brock, it's great to see you!

Brock turns. He now looks just like his father did when we saw him.

Misty: Still running Pewter Gym?
Brock: Naturellement.
Ash: So, which one of these lovely ladies in here is your wife?
Brock: My wife?
Ash: Yeah...

Wrong question to ask. Brock starts sobbing.

Brock: It's 20 years later.... and I still can't get a girl!

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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